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George MacDonald on Onehearted Worship

Having Decided To Stay - Bryana Johnson - George Macdonald - The Landlady's Master

“A man who worships God, worships him with his whole heart and soul and strength and mind. If he wakes at night, he thinks of God. If he is glad in his heart, it is because God is and because he knows that one day he will behold His face.”

(–The Landlady’s Master,
edited by Michael Phillips)

Chesterton on the Inequity of the World

The Innocence of Father Brown - Bryana Johnson - Having Decided To Stay


“I mean that we here are on the wrong side of the tapestry. The things that happen here do not seem to mean anything; they mean something somewhere else. Somewhere else retribution will come on the real offender. Here it often seems to fall on the wrong person.”

(G.K. Chesterton, The Sins of Prince Saradine)


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